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The Influencer

You really can take control of your life, influencing how things pan out each day by taking a few easy steps.

The Health Benefits of Deep Breathing.

This will be a familiar term; ‘The Breath’ particularly if you practice yoga. But what does it mean? Surely we all breathe! Although part of the autonomic nervous system, connected to the natural rhythms of the body we are rarely fully aware of this miraculous process. Practicing conscious breathing promotes a better body function for the cells, the muscles and the brain. You will become calmer, have more clarity, and make decisions more quickly and easily.

Treat yourself to this simple practice a few times a day. It takes only a few minutes and can be slotted into a brief period while taking a coffee break, or even going to the bathroom or while sitting at your computer.

Take a deep breath in from your belly. When we are working or thinking, or under duress, even a little, the tendency is to keep the breath high in the chest. Shallow breathing in this way, constricts the oxygen supply to the body. Shift your attention to the belly. Draw in a deep breath through your nose. Keep drawing breath in for the count of 8. Then let out the breath in a long sigh, again, to the count of 8, until all the air in your lungs is gone. Repeat the process four times or more throughout the day.

You will take in more oxygen into the blood stream that carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your body, including the brain. By making this a habit, you will be refreshing your mind, clarifying your thinking, clearing brain fog and calming the body.

So often, the pressures of daily living can push your body into flight or fight mode. It can be almost imperceptible. You may be barely conscious of it. Why not gift yourself a few precious minutes through the day to bring some calm and clarity.

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