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Mind Power Services

Reiki Demonstration


When you attend a Reiki session, we explore any particular support you need. This may be in the form of easing physical pain, mental or emotional pressure, or stress.

A brief medical history is taken. You then get comfortable in a reclining chair or on a couch. Clients remain fully clothed while they relax beneath a cosy blanket.

Soft music in the background helps begin the process of deep relaxation. Clients are asked to focus on the breath, while I place my hands on the top of the head to ‘tune in’ with the body.

Hand positions are held for a few minutes on different parts of the body either using a light touch or hovering just above the body.

A connection takes place between practitioner and client during the session in a similar way to the energy centres in Acupuncture.

Most clients will attend every month to boost energy at a very deep level, as well as improve mood and mental strength.

Reiki is now used in hospitals thanks to the work of Angie Buxton-King, Founder of The Sunflower Trust. They train Reiki practitioners for work in a medical environment. Reiki generally has an immediate benefit, but, as with any treatment, three or four initial sessions are highly beneficial. After that, it depends on the treatment results as to any follow-up.

Discover more about the fascinating history of Reiki and the latest developments in my newsletter and blogs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

It is fair to say that NLP has roots in Hypnotherapy, some of which is beautifully illustrated in the work of Milton Erikson, combined with a body of knowledge from linguistics and psychology. Essentially, this is a tool that helps people understand how words and language influence past and present attitudes and behaviour that is often at an unconscious level. NLP reveals these nuances and helps people better manage themselves and others.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler established what is now termed NLP, bringing the best from Milton Erikson and the power of linguistics together. This is a truly life affirming method to make substantial and lasting change in life at many levels.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

How I can help you using NLP

Clients have the opportunity to attend a free 40-minute consultation before deciding to embark on the course of four sessions, the minimum needed for lasting benefits. A medical and general questionnaire is covered during the initial free consultation.

NLP helps people to explore how they approach problems or aspirations. It is surprising to learn that fixed ways of thinking, words and language in thoughts and verbal communication impact the way people relate to one another in work, relationships, or aspirations and that can increase depression and stress.

Together, we can explore a particular issue and clients have an opportunity to work one-on-one in a confidential environment.  This may involve dealing with personal relationships, work-related communication skills, or honing a sports skill.

After each session, the work and agreed changes are summarised in an email. People are coached in an easy, informal way. They report feelings of enlightenment and relief as they see, and feel, how possible it is to shift the attitudes and habits holding them back.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Reiki Demonstration
Hypnotherapy Session


All Hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis and I help people deal with issues and bad habits that seem difficult to shift as well as goals in careers, sports, or relationships.

Hypnotherapy invokes a deep relaxation of mind while increasing a level of mental alertness.

I use visualisation and metaphor, and like NLP, the use of words and language plays a role in making this therapy very effective. The benefits are long-lasting and powerful.

You’re welcome to go ahead and attend an initial 40-minute consultation when an in-depth questionnaire is taken. We can talk about the issues you have and I will give you more information on the process. If, at the end of the consultation, we agree that hypnotherapy will be useful for you, a pre-booked course of four sessions will be arranged.

You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. Then a series of ideas geared to the needs and wishes of the client, are presented in a story, imagery or metaphor, while under hypnosis.

The process is relaxed and easy, and afterwards, clients report feeling mentally refreshed, and emotionally calm as well as having more clarity about the next step or way forward. There is a new sense of positivity and confidence. Poor relationships, decision-making, and aspirations towards a better life or job are dealt with and any changes are anchored using simple methods and are long-lasting.

A review is sent via email to summarise the work carried out during the session.

As a therapist, I believe it is important to be open and honest with clients, while remaining confidential.

I can help to clear issues that have been difficult to deal with. I help you find and develop the tools needed to move your life in the right direction. Be it health, relationships, or changing unwanted habits or behaviours.

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I also work in two clinics so if you want to make an appointment at either one the address details are below

Wheathampstead Wellbeing
17-19 Brewhouse Hill

Osteopathics Harpenden
58 Tennyson Road

Trish helped me with sleep issues and overwhelming external factors affecting my mind and body. Reiki improved my energy alignment and sleep, and we created a meditation toolbox to manage those external factors. Now we have regular hypnotherapy and reiki sessions for my well-being, and Trish is compassionate and experienced. Highly recommend her.

A Bromwich / 1 July, 2023

I had a couple of sessions with Trish, both in person and online. The care she took to listen and understand the issues I wanted to work on was remarkable. Her voice is warm and calming, enabling me to feel very relaxed and at ease quickly. I left the sessions with a lasting sense of stress relief and renewed purpose. Thank you, Trish.

M Davies / 20 June, 2023

Trish took the time to listen and understand the issues I wanted to work on. She was able to use my language patterns and beliefs to really tailor the sessions to address the heart of my concerns around making a career change. Her voice is warm and calming, enabling me to feel very relaxed and at ease quickly. I left the sessions with a lasting sense of stress relief and renewed purpose.

S Walker / 4 August, 2023

I had always resisted hypnotherapy in the past. On meeting with Trish, I found her to be very professional, personable and her clear explanations allowed me to feel I could trust the process. In doing so we managed to achieve a great deal in only a few sessions which has made a huge impact. I have already been recommending Patricia and will continue to do so.

I Hardy / 1 June, 2023