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Neurolinguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, alongside Reiki, are the integrated models I use in my Practice, to give support to clients in many aspects of their lives.

However good life is, there are those times of strain, self-doubt, or just managing a demanding schedule that can create stress. It may be just an underlying feeling of being somehow out of kilter. It may be a heavy workload combined with family responsibility.

The prevailing uncertainty in the way the world functions and the many pressures placed on you as an individual, whatever you age or stage of life, can be eased quickly and effectivelywith a few simple methods of mental self-programming.

You will have become so used to thinking in a familiar way.  Of adapting to a pre-existing mind-set, it is easy to ignore those times when you have a sense of unease but don’t quite know how to deal with that subtle uncertainty that nags away in the back of your mind.

You may be adopting exercise regimes to keep yourself balanced and steady. Physical exercise, sports, yoga and other regimes certainly help. But eventually, it all comes down to how you have learned to make sense of your world with many unconscious and pre-existing attitudes learned from lifetime experiences.

What has long been known but is substantiated increasingly by neuro-science, is the untapped power of the mind and the internal dialogue so often ignored or unnoticed, that influences your thought, action and motivation. These subtle unconscious patterns of thinking play a far greater role in influencing your state of mind that you might expect.

You may be surprised to learn that in just a few sessions with me, you will have more energy and a greater sense of daily purpose. You will be aware of having greater clarity in your approach to daily tasks and relationship.

If you are experiencing stress related problems, or perhaps habits that no longer serve you, do get in touch for a free initial consultation to see how I may help you.

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