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Abusive Relationships

Previously, I shared the initial case of Bella, who was trapped emotionally in an abusive relationship.

What follows is a brief overview of the methods used to initially relieve the distress and then to embed new experiences and memories into the unconscious mind. 

Key to making the sessions effective is moving the client’s state to one of deep relaxation. In this mental and emotional space, I used imagery in a variety of forms to embed into Bella’s unconscious mind, different perceptions of her persona and some of the memories that as a child, set a foundation for future abuse in two significant relationships.

Bella carried memories that were buried in childhood events of the distant past. By recreating some of her experiences, it was possible to shift  ‘memories’ using visualisation,, a form of mental imagery used a great deal by performers and athletes to improve their delivery or achieve higher standards. The result helped Bella release feelings from the negative and fearful memories from her childhood. 

The memory remains in what I term ‘photographic mental imaging’. This means that the emotional ‘charge’ from past events became nebulous and distant. In effect, it would have appeared to Bella that this experience happened to someone else. This ‘disassociation’ is very powerful because although Bella will know what happened during that time, the memory no longer holds her in a fearful state. After the process, we used an ‘anchor’. This is usually a touch and light pressure on a part of the body. It can be the heart area, the wrist or the right knee followed by pressure between the thumb and forefinger. Anchors are common in NLP and Hypnotherapy. 

Simple methods of relaxation are used prior to imagery, or the imaginary journey. This is a full body relaxation method where gradually, using music and particular words that connect with the client, Bella was taken more deeply into a state of calm relaxation. This is further deepened by creating the image of a beautiful and secret Special Place. The Special Place is commonly used in hypnotherapy, and has the effect of deepening mental relaxation, taking the mind of the client to the Alpha  state or deeper. While in this tranquil state of mind, the client, in this case Bella, becomes receptive to suggestions of a more desirable memory. It is while in this state, that the work is done, changing attitudes, perceptions and memory to re-align to a situation that the client desires.

There are many varying techniques that are highly effective in this integrated therapeutic design.

Reiki can be added before or after and energy levels can be tested by dousing or intuitively. Dousing is helpful because it shows a physical reaction as to how the energy has shifted. One seeks to witness an energy boost in the body overall.

At all times, Bella was aware of the process. The only difference in her Beta (awake) state and Alpha, (the deeply relaxed state) was in the connection that I as the therapist was able to make with Bella. 

In this state, the mind is so deeply relaxed in this state of ‘pause’ it was easy to install some positive words and imagery that become a reality to the unconscious mind.

I hold these techniques and my experiences in high regard and with gratitude, for the changes I was able to make to re – align my own life and now, helping others to achieve similar release.

In the final session of this Case Study, you will find more detail.

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